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Our mission: to offer you a
personal, flexible, reliable
& professional
market research service
for a competitive price




We undertake not only transcription work of a general nature for market research, journalistic or academic purposes but also medical transcriptions, technical and specialist transcriptions (where we would request a list of typical terminology for the relevant industry) as well as legal transcriptions for solicitors, barristers and the police, such as PACE interviews. We also transcribe material of a sensitive nature which might include employment disputes, job interviews or clinical psychologist assessments.

We offer a strict verbatim transcriptions service or a smart verbatim transcriptions service which excludes filler words such as ‘you know’ and deliberations such as ‘um’ and ‘er’.

Please call us to discuss your transcription requirements, so we are aware of your necessary timeframe and the service required.

Prices are charged by the minute and vary according to how many voices are involved in the recording, the content of the transcription and the turnaround required.

Confidentiality assured. Our Registration under the 1998 Data Protection Act is Z1781972.