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Our mission: to offer you a
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& professional
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JB Market Research

We are a market research agency in Kent, established in April 2000 by Judy Barrett who still runs the company to this day.

Based in Folkestone, we offer both qualitative research and quantitative research, covering all of the main research methodologies including: focus groups, depth interviews, telephone surveys, face-to-face surveys and online surveys, as well as verbatim transcriptions and recruitment (from lists).

Over the past 17 years, we have worked for many clients in the public, private and third sectors, on a diverse range of consultation and engagement projects. We feel that the personal service we offer, combined with our flexible approach and the attention to detail is what makes us successful.

In relation to focus groups, depth interviews and telephone surveys, we work nationally. For face-to-face surveys we work mainly in the South-East covering Kent, Medway, London, East Sussex, West Sussex and Surrey - where we have a team of around 40 interviewers across the region.

Judy Barrett Market Research in Kent, UK Judy Barrett Market Research in Kent, UK Judy Barrett
Managing Director

The majority of our work is directly for end clients but we do also undertake a number of projects for marketing and advertising agencies, as well as for other market research agencies.

All of our work is undertaken in accordance with the current Code of Conduct as laid down by The Market Research Society.

Our Registration under the 1998 Data Protection Act is Z1781972.