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Surveys & Projects

Here is a cross-section of market research projects that JB Market Research has conducted for clients in recent years:

Focus groups for a leading charity in relation to pet ownership and related behaviours, along with the testing of both images and messages for future advertising materials amongst both supporters and the general public (2 focus groups)

Telephone survey with disabled residents of a borough in Surrey in relation to the availability and condition of taxis and private hire vehicles within the borough (400 interview telephone survey)

Street interviews across England in relation to toy purchasing habits and toy packaging preferences as part of a rebranding exercise for a long standing market-leading wooden toy product (400 interview street survey)

In library face-to-face interviews with users of twelve different libraries within a London borough about library usage patterns, expectations and attitudes to future changes, seen as a large and important public consultation and community engagement project (2,500 interview exit survey)

A telephone survey with resilience officers at councils in England & Wales for a Community Interest Company, the results were presented to Central Government at a major sector conference (150 interview telephone survey)

Medical interviews by telephone with 100 hospital staff in each the UK, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Canada and Australia in relation to brand awareness, plus incentivised feedback on online corporate information (700 interview telephone survey plus online survey in five languages - English, French, German, Spanish, Italian)

Customer satisfaction survey with clients of a major international wealth investment company (400 interview telephone survey)

Street survey to assess pre campaign knowledge and post campaign knowledge in relation to various road safety issues amongst the general public (1,100 interview street survey x 2)

Engagement with fire fighters and focus groups with the general public in relation to future fire engine locations and numbers (24 face-to-face depth interviews and 3 focus groups)

Depth interviews with GPs in London for one of the newly formed Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) in relation to the new ways of working, seen as critical and timely engagement (45 depth interviews telephone survey)