JB Market Research

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Our mission: to offer you a
personal, flexible, reliable
& professional
market research service
for a competitive price



JB Market Research

Our market research service includes the following qualitative research and quantitative research methods. We can undertake your whole project from questionnaire design to final report stage or we can undertake any aspects of the research process individually, as you require.

Focus Groups

Depth Interviews

Telephone Surveys

Face-to-Face Surveys


Recruitment (from lists only)

Online Surveys

We can undertake the whole project from questionnaire design to analysis and reporting. Otherwise, we are pleased to be flexible and can undertake fieldwork only, or supply the results for in-house analysis.

Whether you are looking to undertake: community engagement; public consultation; stakeholder engagement; a baseline survey; staff engagement; business-to-business research; a customer satisfaction survey; patient engagement; a campaign related survey; donor engagement; a brand awareness survey or membership research we can help.