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Expert Advice on Public Consultation

Judy Barrett can offer advice, a strategic overview, guidance & support on tailoring your public consultation activities to reduced budgets. She established JB Market Research Services some 10 years ago and can advise your organisation on future consultation plans. Recent requests from the public sector, in the current economic climate, have suggested there is a need for a service offering advice on public consultation, as opposed to actually delivering the research itself.

Judy Barrett Market Research in Kent, UK
Judy Barrett, Managing Director

- Audit and review of public consultation plans and requirements across your organisation, including the relevant budgets and the in-house resources available

 - Identification of which public consultations/elements of individual public consultations could be undertaken in-house and which would need to be outsourced

More specifically she can offer:

- A stand-alone questionnaire design service

- Advice on the most suitable methodology/methodologies

- Advice on how to achieve statistically reliable results

- Advice on merging of consultations to save money

- Advice on timescales involved for various types of consultation

- Budgetary allocation for future consultations being considered

The above services are offered on a half day or full day rate, on a consultancy basis, please call Judy for more information on 01303 249334

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